Rambo and Scamp Enjoy the Rabbitat

At Thundering Paws, our animal residents are mostly cats. Our two dogs we call "staff," because they show the cats that dogs can be good people in case the cat gets adopted to someone with a dog. We also have two bunnies -- Rambo (a TOTAL misnomer), who loves to be petted, and Scamp (NOT a misnomer), who is the "head" bunny. We often find Rambo with his head under Scamp, or Rambo being cleaned by Scamp. 

Bunnies make great pets! Not only are they soft and cute, but they are a very good way to deal with the ends of carrots, the tops of strawberries, apple, banana, lettuce, and broccoli scraps. They also eat lots of hay and a small ration of rabbit pellets. Everything left in their litter box is total plant food, and can be put directly on your garden.

Here are our two resident bunnies in the Rabbitat, their covered outdoor area where they spend daylight hours in nice weather. They are always inside by sunset.

Rambo and Scamp

Mr. Rambo is on the left and Ms. Scamp is on the right.

Rambo and Scamp are available for adoption. All our rabbit adoptions go through the House Rabbit Resource Network. To adopt a bunny, start here: http://rabbitresource.org/adopt/adoption-procedure/hrrn-application-to-adopt/



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