Help Dee Arrington recuperate from her recent stroke

Please help our beloved friend Dee Arrington as she recuperates from her recent stroke - on July 18, the right side of Dee's body was paralyzed. She was unable to swallow for nearly a month and is learning to speak again. Dee faces a long road to full recovery. Dee has no medical insurance, an easily exhausted bank account, and she now finds herself without a home. Though she is eligible for Medicaid, there are currently no spots available. Dee’s rehabilitation therapy costs $1,100 a day.

Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary has organized to help Dee during this very difficult time. Dee was our second employee - 11 years ago! - and we value the contributions she has made to the sanctuary. We want to do everything in our power to get this amazing and generous woman back to good health and buzzing around Austin on her Honda Shadow motorcycle!

Please join us and help "Team Dee" with a financial contribution to help with her ongoing medical costs. Any amount, however small, helps - and you can make a one-time or monthly contribution. Because this is a non-profit program, your contribution is also tax-deductible. Any funds raised that go above and beyond Dee's needs will be held in escrow and used to help another caregiver in crisis at a future time.

To donate via Paypal or check, please visit the Caring for Our Caregivers donation page at:

For updates on Dee's progress, or to volunteer help in other ways, please join our community at Lotsa Helping Hands:


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