Lots of Smiles -- Four Puppies go to New Homes

Bubba has an amazingly beautiful labrador retriever head and beautiful blonde color. He looks like he could pose for the cover of an LL Bean catalog until he stands up and shows his corgi legs. He is serious, calm and gentle.

One beautiful morning, I picked him up from Oak Hill Veterinary Clinic. He and I began the long journey to Houston. It was his new family's first rescue dog. They had always bought their dogs from breeders. They had a million questions about him and the process. I loved their level of involvement and interest as well as their two current dogs, an English Bulldog and a labradoodle. Half way to Houston, I stopped for a sandwich for me and treats for Bubba. Oh, and to transfer Bubba to the clean crate I had brought because he hadn't waited for a bathroom stop. It was a great trip. Bubba settled happily into his new home. When I left, he was relaxing by the pool with his new family.


I decided to deliver Talia and Clyde on the same day. Well, not actually decided, it just worked out that way. Clyde is a pretty blonde pup with different colored eyes. He's so expressive. I picked him up at 9:00 am an Oak Hill and started toward his new home. Not so fast. He couldn't wait for a bathroom break either. So, to my house to bathe him and get a clean crate. I delivered him to his new home and his new family immediately wanted to see him running in their beautiful green yard and playing with their other dog. He was so happy.


Back to Oak Hill to pick up the lovely Blue Merle, Talia. Talia is petite, gentle and playful. Her new family couldn't wait to meet her. My car had other ideas. My tire shredded, and I had to drive two miles an hour to a tire store and buy new ones. Through it all, Talia remained calm and uncomplaining. She was probably relieved when she finally got to her new home and met the family's two children and two dogs. I left her snuggled on the couch with her new friends.


And little Dalia was last. Some said she was the smartest. She was certainly a carbon copy of her beautiful mother who was one of the smartest dogs I ever met. Again, a family with other dogs and kids to play with. I know she will be happy there.


Many people worked together to help these dogs. I am grateful to all of them. I wish you all could see these dogs in their new homes, see how they have blossomed and become happy and secure and loved.

Jackie, adoption coordinator


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