Thundering Paws Feed A Shelter Kitty Sponsorship Campaign

Not all of our kitties are available for adoption. Many, for various reasons, will live out their lives here at the sanctuary. It could be that they have behavior issues like spraying every surface in sight. It could be that they just don't like humans all that much. It could be that they have been at the shelter for so long that they are unable to adjust to a new home. Some are feral cats who can't be returned to their colony for medical reasons or because their home territory has become unsafe for them.

Whatever the reason, we love all our animals and provide the best possible care for each and every one. This care costs us money. Every kitty gets veterinary care, the best quality food, fresh water, and litter box service provided by our staff and volunteers. There is also the expense of maintaining and running the sanctuary. In addition to the extensive screened outdoor runs, our animals have access to climate controlled spaces with air conditioning to keep them comfortable in the hot Texas summers and heat to keep them toasty warm when winters get cold.

It really adds up, and we need your help to keep on providing for our residents, through sponsorship. We've got a new campaign to raise awareness of our sponsorship  opportunities and help get new sponsors on board to help us care for our shelter kitties.

To kick off this sponsorship campaign, we've created a great-looking t-shirt. This shirt features the graphic shown above, and is available for only a limited time. Get yours at this web site:

Click the big blue "$15 Buy Now" button and the web site will take you through the ordering process. You'll receive your shirt about two weeks after the end of the campaign. Buy a shirt, wear it, and tell your friends about the opportunity to Feed A Shelter Kitty through the Thundering Paws web site! In the coming months, we'll be featuring sponsorable kitties on our web site blog, on our Facebook page, and in monthly emails to our supporters. We thank you for everything you do to help us care for our rescued animals!

Ready to sponsor a kitty? All it takes is a regular monthly donation.

To see our sponsorable kitties, visit our web site at

Then, head over to

to make a Paypal donation. If you prefer to send monthly checks or set up an automatic credit card or bank draft, just give us a call at 512-402-9725 and we will help get you all set up.


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