Miss Paul's Big Adventure

When I was very little, I lived with my mom and three sisters in a very scary place. There were lots of things that could hurt cats there. Things that made big noises and might run over me. Places where I might be trapped and not be able to get out or even drown. Bad things that might poison me. Our mother was very skinny and nervous. We were taught to run and hide, run and hide.

I don't know what would have happened to my mom and three sisters and me if we hadn't been rescued.

A nice lady found us and took us all, yes, all of us to her house. My mom had lots of food, she ate and ate and ate. We had a soft bed to sleep in. They even built a special shelf for my mom to jump on when she needed a break from us. My sisters and I didn't like that so much. When I am big, I will be able to jump that high, I just know it.

Anyway, life at our new home was really exciting. Every day we learned something new. We had lots of toys and people played with us every day. There was even a dog outside that we could sit in the window and make faces at.

I didn't think it could get much better even though occasionally other people came to see us and talk about new homes for us. Not me, I thought, I'm never leaving. Once they put us all in a box and took us to a place called Emancipet. We all cried all the way there and all the way back. My tummy was a little sore when I got home. Then we had dinner, played a little while, and forgot all about it.

Still, things were changing. Our mom went to live in another place where she would have a chance to rest and make new friends. I could jump more and climb better and use the litter box. I kept hearing that soon it would be time. "Time for what?" I thought.

But it was time. These people came yesterday. There were two of them. I wasn't scared of them at all. They were so nice. They kept holding me up and looking at me like they couldn't believe how beautiful I was. They scratched my ears in all the best places. The woman's eyes were kind of wet. I could tell they knew a lot about cats especially since they seemed to like me best. They said I would have a new cat friend in my new home.

Suddenly, I wasn't scared of a new home. I was excited. Everyone shook hands and smiled. I was put in another box thing, this one pink and soft. We were on our way to Euless, Texas. I am so happy, a new life, a new family all my own.

I fall asleep in my pink box and dream of good things to chase and climb on, good things to eat and good laps to curl up on.


Miss Paul (soon to be named Truffles, Isn't that silly?

Miss Paul was adopted Saturday by a family from Euless, Texas who have been waiting for weeks for her to be big enough to go hom with them. I am so happy for her and all the people that made her new life possible.

Jackie, Thundering Paws Adoption Coordinator


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