How to Find Your Lost Cat

Cat Detective Kim Freeman and her search cat Henry helped locate our kitty Claire when she escaped from her cat carrier recently.  Kim and Henry were also featured on the news last week!

We know how stressful it is when a feline family member goes missing, and how important it is to take the right steps in the right order to get that kitty back home as quickly as possible. We're lucky Kim lives in the Austin area, but no matter where you live, you can benefit from her advice and experience.

Kim's online e-booklet, "How to Find Your Lost Cat,"  offers excellent detailed advice and tips you may not have even considered. This search guide is available on her web site and has helped people all over the world find their lost cat when all else had failed.

This booklet goes way beyond the usual approach of "post flyers and check shelters." It also explains the pitfalls of leaving food or kitty litter out in the yard. With the detailed information provided in this guide, you're much more likely to recover your cat.

And best of all, the booklet is available instantly as a pdf download. You don't have to wait, just download the file and use the advice that's right for your type of cat and situation.

Kim has generously offered to make a donation to Thundering Paws if you purchase the booklet through this link:

We hope your kitties always stay safe, but we know sometimes things happen and cats escape or get lost. If that happens to you, this booklet will give you valuable insights and strategies based on lost cat behavior.

When you find your cat, please write and tell us your story of how you used Kim's professional methods and techniques -- we always love hearing about a happy reunion!


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