Sponsor July

July was a feral cat who was trapped and came to us very thin and ill. We started feeding her well, but she was unable to gain weight. One of our dedicated volunteers worked with her to get her tame enough to take to his vet. It took more than one visit and more than one vet to figure out what was wrong. In January, 2005, she underwent surgery which resulted in the removal of a golf-ball sized wad of plastic that was in her stomach. We figure that she had been dumpster diving and had eaten something that was wrapped in plastic. After extraction of this mass, she gained 11 ounces in two days, and had no more vomiting. She is now a very healthy cat, but still feral.

If you can sponsor July, start at:


and make a Paypal donation at the $25 per month level. Then send an email to anne@thunderingpaws.org telling us that you want your money to "Sponsor July." If you prefer to send monthly checks or set up an automatic credit card or bank draft, just give us a call at 512-402-9725 and we will help get you all set up.


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