Sponsor Lilly

When this beautiful kitty was found with her newborns in 2003, she was completely feral and was going to be euthanized at a "kill" shelter. Fortunately, the director knew of Thundering Paws and brought her and the babies to us. We planned to transfer her to a feral colony after being spayed. However, one of our volunteers noticed a little twinkle in Lilly's eyes and had a hunch that she would be better off staying here. She's come a long way, and is comfortable on the cat run with her kitty friends.

To sponsor Lilly, start here:


and make a Paypal donation at the $25 per month level. Then send an email to anne@thunderingpaws.org telling us that you want your money to "Sponsor Lilly." If you prefer to send monthly checks or set up an automatic credit card or bank draft, just give us a call at 512-402-9725 and we will help get you all set up.


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