Watch Rufus Grow!

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Anne Zabolio

Rufus!On Thursday, March 19th, a couple found a kitten in the parking lot of Evangeline's, a restaurant in the Brodie/Slaughter area. Because they were in a work truck, the man put a cone behind it when parking. When removing the cone, he found the kitten behind the tire!.

The couple looked all around but could find no mom nor other kittens. They called their veterinarian's office, Sunset Canyon Vet, and were referred to us. A kitten foster mom agreed to take him. Who could have refused him!







At six inches without his tail, Rufus was thought to be about six days old.

Rufus is 6 inches!


He knew how to eat...

Rufus eats!



Rufus sleeps!


and try to clean himself...

Clean Rufus!


While kittens' eyes usually open at about 10 days, Rufus may be a little behind the norm.

Rufus - eyes closed


Rufus is doing great...except those eyes are a mystery! We will give him until Monday, however, before we worry. You can see in the video that his foster mom is having fun playing with him, and he likes it, too.

Rufus is Siamese (and we please!) He is already growing points.

Keep posted for more Rufus pictures and stories.


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