*Help* Rufus Grow!

We're looking for a cat-free household to foster sweet little Rufus!

Rufus has just tested positive for FIV, an immunodeficiency virus in cats. The test only measures antibodies in the cat's blood, which means only that he has been exposed to FIV, not necessarily that he is ill with FIV.  The exposure would have had to have been through his mother's milk, his being so tiny.  She may or may not have FIV. She may only have been exposed, too.  Since we don't know her, and have no way of finding her, we can't know.  We will re-test him in three months and, if he is still positive, again in six months.

However, since we have already agreed to take a family for Rufus, and, because of his FIV status, he cannot join that family, we need another place for him.  Our ideal foster would have no cats at this time, but a cat-friendly dog or puppy, someone for him to play with but who could not contract the virus.

If Rufus were an adult cat, we would have no problem.  Adult cats with FIV can safely mix with adult cats without FIV.  FIV is passed not through saliva, feces, or urine, like feline leukemia, but only in an anaerobic atmosphere--airless--like through sex (from which all animals here are retired), a deep bite (except in rare cases only associated with sex), or dirty needles (none of the kitties here have an IV drug problem, only catnip. :-) )  However, kittens cannot safely mix with adult cats regardless of their FIV status, because of other issues.  We were willing to take that risk with one mom and her kittens, but not with multiple cats.

If anyone has a wonderful canine who would LOVE a feline playmate, has no other cats, and is willing to foster Rufus, please contact the sanctuary.

I warn you, however, that Rufus is CUTE!  It's spring and love is in the air, and a foster person could easily fall prey to Rufus's charms.  Just ask his current foster mom, who is devastated at the thought of giving him up.

Thank you so much.


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