Watch Rufus Grow! (Chapter 4)

GREAT NEWS! Rufus has playmates!

Last we posted, we were in the dark about FIV transmission between mom cat and kittens.  Having talked to many veterinarians and read much literature on the subject, we have learned that Rufus can be with other kittens and cats safely.  They won't contract FIV.  The virus doesn't pass through mucous membranes, which means that there has to be a penetrating bite to infect another cat.  The danger is nil. 

So, with that happy knowledge--and we still hope Rufus tests negative in a few months--we have found him a family with whom to play.  Meryl and her family--Magus, Gypsy, Tara, Freckles, and Tinkydink--will teach Rufus that it's fun to play with other kitties.

Of course, all those new friends will tire him out, so here he is napping on his foster dad's arm. It was taken in the dark, so the image is a little grainy:


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