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Thundering Paws Animal Sanctuary

Thundering Paws is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary located near south Austin in Dripping Springs, Texas (just miles from the Y in Oak Hill). We are home to an ever-changing number of animals, mostly cats, a few dogs and rabbits. We provide our beloved residents shelter, food, water, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, veterinary care, and a lot of love and attention. All cats are tested for FIV and feline leukemia during their time here and prior to adoption.

Why are we working so hard to do this for the pets in our care? Due to the overpopulation of companion animals in the United States, many often face unhappy fates. Our aim is to stop this unnecessary suffering altogether. This is a goal of a lifetime, perhaps several lifetimes, but Thundering Paws is committed to doing all we can about it today!


Recent Blog Entries

August 29, 2014

We'll be at the PetSmart in Bee Cave from noon to 4:00pm on Saturday August 30th. This is a great chance to meet lots of sweet kitties from the sanctuary and from our foster homes, in addition to those staying at the in-store adoption center. We hope to see you there!


August 27, 2014

Hypotenuse has a strong personality, and can be a fractious girl, but she can be quite nice once she gets to know you. She is very vocal, with sounds from quiet meows to peacock-like calls. She is a beautiful silver color with striking golden eyes and has soft, soft fur. She is comfortable at Thundering Paws, but has not done well when moved to a new environment.

Hypotenuse has one sponsorship already, but we would love to have you help her as well. We hope someday to have multiple sponsors for all our kitties!

If you can help sponsor Hypotenuse, start at:

and make a Paypal donation at the $25 per month level. Then send an email to telling us that you want your money to "Sponsor Hypotenuse." If you prefer to send monthly checks or set up an automatic credit card or bank draft, just give us a call at 512-402-9725 and we will help get you all set up.


August 25, 2014

Strut Your Mutt is coming to Austin again this September. The event takes place September 13th and includes plenty of fun activities.

Can you help our team? Here's the link that takes you directly to our donation page:


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